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“Growing up in Virginia, my early weekends and summers were spent on my grandfather’s farm. From the age of four, I found myself in the cornfields atop my grandfather’s old tractor and relishing in the joys of blackberry picking. These early adventures laid the foundation for my artistic journey, fostering a profound connection with living landscapes, trees, bushes, and boxwoods.


The memories of those farm days linger as one of my greatest inspirations. The very essence of a landscape — the gentle wind, the rainfall, and the flowing trees — continues to captivate me. I try to capture sensory experiences in my paintings, from the earthy smell of grass to the vibrant colors of the sky touching the treetops.


While my art draws heavily from my childhood, my travels also shape my creations. Unlike paintings captured from photographs, I rely on memories of my journeys and the places I’ve visited. Sensitivity to surroundings is a key aspect of my creative process, particularly when traveling to new places.


About 20 years ago, I purchased a vacation house in the historic village of Vaison la Romaine in southern France. The drive from Orange to Vaison la Romaine remains an inspiration; the lush mountains, the vineyards surrounding the road, and the tall cypress trees swaying like graceful dancers never get old. These cypress trees find their place in almost every one of my paintings.


As an artist, I embrace the importance of pushing my boundaries by exploring new materials and images. My mission is not to change the world of art but to paint what I like, and if others enjoy it too, that’s more than enough.”

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